BODO is an ethical resortwear including special women's wear, luxury swimwear, conscious and affordable wedding dresses all inspired by cultural heritage combining tradition with contemporaneity and modernity with ecofuturist thematic. Fusion of past and future. The special design is a hybrid mixture of classic couture, ready-to-wear, practical wear, street wear, occasion wear, sportswear and swimwear, lace and sportswear fabric. Paying attention on protection of cultural diversity.


BODO was founded by Marta Bodo. She was born in Hungary. Before COVID-19 travelling and exploring other countries and cultures was crucial in her life. She lived one year in England, half a year in Israel, and five months in India. Besides the Hungarians she has Transylvanian ascenders as well. She originally graduated as economist. Her long for creativity accompanied her all the way. She graduates as fashion designer while full time job. 


In her philosophy one can observe the duality of rationality and creativity, all the analytical thinking. She is interested in both past and future, traditional and modern the same time. The characteristic of her collections are the transformation and integration of past and future. In her designs the ethnographic inspirations, the ancient and archaic elements and symbols meet futuristic cuts and materials, clear forms on elegant, comfortable dresses. Body-contouring and sculptural silhouettes. The unique forms reflect her inner mood. She has the instinct to feel upcoming trends. Her concept is philosophic, the focus is on the spirituality, to show the soul of women, to emphasis the woman’s body on a special, conspicuous, confident, non-conform way. 


All pieces are unique and handmade. All pieces are ethical handmade in Hungary with local craftmanship with classic know-how. We use top quality leftover fabrics to be eco conscious for the unique dresses.